IHC holds Baitul Mall MD’s appointment in violation of SC orders



Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought notification in respect of the appointment of Baitul Mall Managing Director (MD) Abid Wahid Sheikh during the hearing of a petition challenging his appointment.

Justice Athar Minullah of IHC Monday took up for hearing Awami Muslim League (AML) Chairman Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s petition challenging the appointment of MD Baitul Mall Abid Wahid Sheikh.

Sardar Abdul Razaq, counsel for Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, and Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Malik Faisal Farooq appeared in the court.

Justice Minullah remarked, “Supreme Court (SC)’s decision has been violated in the appointment of Baitul Mall MD. There should be a system of transparency for utilisation of public fund.

The counsel for petitioner told the court, “Billions of rupees are being provided to the favourites from Baitul Mall while this fund is meant for the poor people of the country.” He further told the court the notification on appointment of Baitul MD Mall is not on the record.

Rashid told the court the appointment of Baitul Mall MD runs contrary to the decision of SC. Billions of rupees  were being allegedly distributed without merit while this amount had to be distributed among the poor and deserving persons, he claimed.

While issuing notices to federation, Baitul Mall MD and National Commission for Selection Board, the court sought written report within two weeks. The court has also summoned notification on appointment of Baitul Mall MD.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for two weeks.

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