Sattar lashes out at Ahsan’s criticism


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar on Monday deplored Aitzaz Ahsan’s statements, terming them “discriminating and mocking Muhajirs”.

“Ahsan has twisted facts in his statement and it seems like Khurseed Shah has made Aitzaz Ahsan his defence lawyer,” Sattar said in a press conference.

“Concealing crime of a criminal is also a crime and Ahsan, by not saying anything against Khurseed Shah’s use of word ‘Muhajir in a pejorative way, has also committed a crime,” Sattar said.

“Ahsan’s bias towards Muhajirs is evident in this statement,” said Sattar. “I strongly condemn his statement as he has hurt the sentiments of all Pakistanis.”

“Shah compared word ‘Muhajir’ to a pejorative word four times in his statement and Ahsan is proving that Shah has not said anything hurtful to Muhajirs,” added Sattar.

Sattar said that Ahsan should rather concentrate on PPP’s illegal land grabbing in Sindh than pointing fingers at MQM.

He said that after Muharram, MQM would launch a movement for 22 administrative units in Pakistan.