Rainwater drainage of BBIA


While travelling on Rawal Road (circumventing the BB Int’l Airport (BBIA)), one notices a new, high security wall being built. A low wall already existed but then perhaps the present security environment dictated building of a new one.

Whenever it rains heavily or otherwise, the natural drainage of the airport diverts the water onto the Rawal Road inundating it heavily thus making one portion of the double Rawal Road impassable. This has been happening since the road was carved as an alternate to Murree Road.

There is no space to drain out the accumulated water which apparently seems to be a major design fault of the Rawal Road. First hindrance to this drainage is the road divider between lanes and the second is the built up area around the road on the other side.

It is requested that while spending millions on the construction of the security wall, some amount must be kept for designing/construction of proper drainage of rainwater; otherwise, I fear that the new wall may also collapse like the previous one leaving gaping holes in the security perimeter.



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