Militants blow up primary school in Khyber Agency



Militants blew up a school in Khyber Agency where a military operation Khyber-One is underway, a private news channel reported.

According to the report, a primary school was blown up early on Monday morning in Akka Khel area of Bara Tehsil in the Agency.

The school was closed when the event took place and so there were no casualties.

Earlier in October, militants blew up two public primary schools in Jamrud subdivision of the Agency.

The operation ‘Khyber-One’ was launched last week by the military authorities, targeting militant hideouts in Tirah and Bara Valley in airstrikes.

Khyber, one of the seven semi-autonomous tribal areas in Pakistan, is governed by tribal laws. Bordering Afghanistan, the area is a stronghold of local and foreign militant organisations and insurgents.