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IIUI dean, student adviser suspended over Model UN fiasco

  • Some students had reportedly arranged a stall for Israel which drew the ire of right-wing outfits, including Islami Jamiat Talaba

The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has removed the dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) and a student adviser who were responsible for a three-day Model United Nations (MUN) event, which began on Friday.

The move followed reports that the university had organised an “Israeli cultural stall”, which began circulating on the Internet and via social media. This drew the ire of right-wing organisations, including the IIUI chapter of the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), which staged a demonstration outside the National Press Club on Sunday to condemn the stall.

The stall in question, photographs of which were circulated on social media, was organised by students of the FMS as part of the MUN event. MUNs held around the world feature several debates, committee sessions, as well as social events where teams are expected to showcase the culture of the countries they are representing. This exercise is aimed at contributing to students’ understanding of other peoples and countries around the world, while the debate portion of the event allows them to discuss and thrash out questions of global political significance amongst each other.

A statement issued by the university’s spokesperson, Hairan Khattak disowned responsibility for the event, saying “a few students arranged a stall for Israel without the knowledge and permission of the university authorities. IIUI strongly condemns the incident and no sooner did they come to know about the matter than the programme was cancelled without any further delay.”



The IIUI, in an apparent response to criticism from right-wing quarters, suspended FMS Dean Dr Bashir Khan and Student Adviser Tasneem Fatima. Dr Azizur Rehman, an assistant professor at the IIUI’s Faculty of Law and also adviser to the IIUI president, confirmed that punitive action was being taken against the two individuals.

He said that although the university administration was informed that the MUN event would be taking place, he maintained that the organisers had not provided details regarding the cultural event, nor had they sought permission to set up a stall depicting Israel.

“Since Pakistan does not have diplomatic ties with Israel and any mention of the country is a sensitive issue for the public at large, the administration feels that such a stall should not have been allowed at the event,” Dr Rehman said.


  1. Bushraa said:

    Suspending a dean is not alright. Even manager should have been reprimanded.

  2. Baloch said:

    Which idiot(s) came up with this idea? Israel is busy butchering Palestinians and these fools are setting up an Israeli stall at the International Islamic University in Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan – which doesn't even recognize Israel. Rightly suspended. In fact, they should be dismissed.

  3. Myra said:

    The dean and faculty involved should be dismissed from service and the students involved should b expelled.

  4. Zain said:

    Suspension is the height of stupidity.

    If Pakistan is so sensitive about Israel, why have any relations what so ever with India.

    They occupy Kashmir, have murdered 100,000 Kashmiri civilians and raped over 50,000 kashmiri women, are sponsoring the TTP and the BLA for terror in Pakistan.

    Lets check the Deans cable TV viewing, has he been watching bollywood, looking at Indian websites or papers online, If so he should be suspended as well.

    Univeristies are places where kids minds are opened/broadened

    I dont want to live in a country where there is (Mad) mullah law.

    • sarah tj said:

      I dont understand what mullah has to do in all this affair u must have read the comments are all these mullahs ?Zionists have occupied land which belong to Palestinians we dont endorse their act so we dont think there is a place called Israel.if there is mo such place whats the point of setting that stall.

    • jan khan said:

      Do not mix the things with each others,and do not propagate the false things.
      india and israel are in totally different situation … india occupied kashmir just after the division of Pakistan and India through the hindu maharaja in power at that area against the wishes of the people of those wished to join to Pakistan .
      on the other side the israel as a country in the current state was before a camp for refugee managed to escaped from the killing of hitler and allies,from that time backed day by day in term of international support ,arms and machines by uk,usa ,france and allies to kill the Palestinian people and demolished buildings and land occupation.

      Also have a look on the protest of even some of the Zionist activist demanding that the occupation is even against of that of the teaching of their religion.Also many even western humanitarian activist organization discourage the occupation of Kashmir and Palestine … try to think out of the box on humanitarian ground .

    • Jamil khan said:

      Mr Zain Indian territory is the soil of Hindus and Pakistani territory have separated from Indian soil ,while Kashmir is also a part of Indian soil but populated by Muslim majority and people of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan on the bases of 3rd June Plan made by then viceroy of India Lord Mount Batten .And as for as the state of Israel is concerned ,the Jews were gathered and brought to Palestine from different countries of the world and at this way Jews are usurpers and have occupied the Arab soil of Palestineans on the backing of America and England.So this is the reason of the recognition of India,and both the disputes have different backgrounds .

  5. Jamal said:

    In the soviet union they deleted the images of persons that were purged from pictures, apparently this made them think that the problem would go away, it didn't of course.
    Sensitive as the issue may be, pretending it doesn't exist does not help solving it, specially in a democratic society.

  6. Jerry Birenz said:

    How ridiculous can people be? It's as if you think that by pretending Israel doesn't exist, it doesn't. You affirmatively want to discourage any understanding of Israel. This is hateful and discouraging.

    • sarah tj said:

      You r right Israel doesn’t exist for us and by saying that we do want to discourage and insult her.come what may they have already made this world a hell

      • L. King said:

        No, ma'am. Pakistan is what YOU'VE made it. If your world is a hell this is your doing, not that of Israel.

        • sarah tj said:

          Oh so you think pakistan is the whole world thanks for the compliment,and no doubt Israelis are behind every controversy they dont spare even their godfather america Israelis spy on them record there phone calls transfer secret information how can they spare the rest of the world.

  7. SMy said:

    I cannot believe what I just read. MUNs are suppose to educate people and help them be better citizens. The act of suspension is hard to believe. Full support to dean and team advisor. And believe it or not Israel is not gonna go anywhere.

  8. Al Smith said:

    Maybe it’s time to reach out to the Israelis, if for no other reason than association with them sooner or later leads to increasing prosperity for both / all sides. They opened for business in a harsh place in a tough neighborhood and they eventually prospered. How is it that Israelis have won far more science Nobel Prizes than all Muslim nations combined? It’s not like Muslims are stupid – far from it. The West well knows that a thousand years ago, the Muslim world was at the leading edge of all scientific research. Now, the Umma really exports only oil and terrorism and Israel is NOT responsible for this. The Israelis have no objection to expressions of Arab culture in Israel; if the Gaza Strip / West Bank Palestinians would shift away from “resistance” and terrorism and violence, the Palestinians would prosper as well because the whole world desperately wants to invest in Palestinian human capital. The Umma generally, including the Palestinians, sooner or later will have to evolve past the permanent anti-Western / anti-Israeli / anti-future war because America will soon enough become the greatest oil / gas / energy exporting nation on earth. The Umma will no longer have the money to pay for the export of terrorism as a national / regional business model.

    • jan khan said:

      Hello ,Mr Al Smith
      You are seemed much loyal to Israeli cultural and all her all doings than that of the past.
      israel occupied the land given to them as a refugee backed by uk ,usa,france and their allies's jewish head of the states and businessmens.
      look at the history you may get some knowledge that how she demolish the ten of thousands of building even in peace time or after the meeting with the Palestinian authority/government … all these can be find and showed by the some western media also.
      Even many Zionist think and protest of this Evil Occupation of israel on Palestinian land … so try to think out of the box and do-not support /favour the anti-humanitarian group or activity.
      Think if your country has a refugee camp and then another country provide those people the arms and machines to kill your people,demolish your buildings,homes and occupied town after town with a international level support on every forum and justified,present and showed the world that they are doing all in just self-defence then after that keep killing your family or forefathers without even a resistance so it can be hope that you(all of like you) may not resist them and warm welcomed them heartedly with bunch of roses in your hands.

      • Al Smith said:

        Hello, Jan. Sorry about the delayed reply.

        It's terrible, but throughout human history, groups of people have replaced other groups of people on pieces of land. It just happened in Ukraine, for example. After the Israelis declared independence, Jews throughout the Umma themselves got pushed out. And . . . they relocated to Israel, dusted themselves off, proceeded, and never looked back. These folks handled their reality and as far as I can tell, they, and especially their descendants, don't demand the land, properties, etc. their ancestors left behind in the Umma lands. They got over and past it. The Israelis left all the post-independence land they seized except for the West Bank. It looks like this one issue – that Jews relocated to a piece of land some call Palestine – and set up a nation called Israel has become an excuse within the entire Umma to run from the future. For example, in all the Umma, Google has a location in Cairo, a location in Dubai, and a location in Kuala Lumpur. Google has two locations in Israel alone. TWO! Google has no locations in Pakistan and four in India. For example, despite all the area conflict and fighting, Intel set up a fab in the middle of Israel, and none in the Umma. IMO, everyone should ask why. Why does progress – the future – avoid a substantial part of humanity? This is the trap I tried to address.

        Christianity had a reformation because starting with Martin Luther, people recognized that the Catholic church had left its founding ideals. Yes – the Catholic church was definitely nasty. At best. Much later, Judaism, in America at least, had a sort of reformation – Reform Judaism rose, because looked at overall, "classic" Orthodox Judaism is rather unpleasant and a large number of Jews no longer wanted to deal with it. In any group of two or more people, at least half will have differences of opinion. So . . . as a bottom-up push, where is Reform Islam? I will never believe that one to one and a half billion Muslims completely agree with the clerics and the Umma governments. Never. The Umma has almost unlimited human capital and human potential. The most recent war with Gazan Hamas shows that the Israelis can't leave the West Bank as long as the Palestinian people / government focus on Israel's destruction. The Israeli occupation of the West Bank is a terrible drain on Israel which the Israelis themselves recognize. If, hopefully when, the Palestinians make peace with Israel, the Palestinians and by extension, maybe the people of the entire Umma, will rise to their potential. Oil and terrorism are NOT a long term business model for anyone.

  9. DR.Chemist said:

    actually, there is a point to be raised dears, don't ever think that Palestine belong to Palestinians alone!!! it is the land of all Muslim generations, its yours before palestinians…..up there your first QIBLA (QIBLA AOUAL) existing and still under occupation by Israel, its Muslims holly lands as per Holly Qur'an, its the land of anbiaa, it is the place of ISRAA AND MERRAJ OF ur profit Muhammad (PBUH), because of this and that please don't talk rubbish!!!! Palestine belong to us before Palestinians………to us it is more important than Kashmir even. don't miss yourself in this missed world!!!

  10. aamir said:

    reading some of the comments on here- ive realized how stupid we pakistanis are. Yes, israel is no angel- but how can you argue that the other gulf states are any better? Being an 'islamic' nation, pakistanis have no respect or recognition in the muslim world whatsoever. Saudi, kuwait, uae, etc- they all look down on pakistanis- never have they come forward to provide any kind of assistance or support- instead they look to us to train their coward army, but have nothing to offer in return. Religion aside, it is a fact- israel has made a place for itself. They have infact made many innovations in all aspects of life. Yes the treatment of palestinains is wrong- but why dont the gulf nations unite to resolve this issue? because they are all Hippocrates.

    • Hanan Nafees said:

      What a conflict in the views…. they r Hippocrates and a asking us to follow them in this regard. they r nothing but cowered, undeserved rulers which suits west as OUR's.. but for reality there is a lot of difference between all Muslim rulers and masses.. Israeli culture is what they have shown to the world even in recent war (what a SHOW was for humanity, education, justice and peace…?) … u can find it at every piece of paper, photo and broadcasting even managed by them.. If u find any difficulty plz ask me.. i'll be happy to help.. 🙂

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