White Lies


Dar sahib was in Washington recently. He’s used to gracing the IMF’s annual board meeting (Pakistan’s often in business with the Fund when he’s finance minister). And since he was in town, the peace institute called him over for a talk – regarding Pakistan’s economic situation, of course. But, as if out of reflex action, Dar sb turned the talk into a lecture on PTI and PAT dharnas. Now, it might not be that Dar sb was not thinking about the economy when he was talking about the politics. It wasn’t without reason, after all, that his previous stint at the ministry earned his theories the envied title Darnomics.


What savage floods hit Srinagar recently! Things got pretty bad and people complained that the government was paralysed. A visiting Lahore Gymkhana Golf team got trapped too. And even though they were airlifted by the Indian army in time, it didn’t turn out to be the leisure-trip Lahore’s fashionable women – wives and friends accompanying the players – had hoped. Poor girls kept worrying about their designer bags throughout the ordeal.