Police forwards list for fixing bounty on 250 criminals


The Sindh police have sent a summary to the Sindh government for announcing bounty on more than 250 extortionists, target killers and terrorists.

Well-placed sources said the Sindh police had transmitted summary to government of Sindh to fix head money ranging between Rs 0.5 million to 5 Rs million in respect of over 250 extortionists, target killers and terrorists from Karachi and other cities. These terrorists include all groups of Lyari gang war, workers of banned outfits and accused belonging to the MQM.

The list sent to the Sindh government includes Uzair Baloch from proscribed Peoples Amman Committee, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, Shiraz Comrade, Sikndar alias Sikku, Farhan Mullah and Naeem from gang war and Saeed Bharam, Wasim Abbas, Amir Bhoora from the MQM and others including Arshid Ghanchi, Ali Haider, Mumtaz KK, Arshid Kanto and Usman alias Usmani.

The home department said the list evolved by the Sindh police had been received, however, no notification had been issued so far.