Two children die of famine in Tharparkar


Two children died of famine in Mithi Civil Hospital on Wednesday.

According to the details, the deceased include a 5-year old Jam son of Ardaan habitant of Dabbo Wali Muhammad, a suburban village in Tharpakar and a 5-year old Chauthi daughter of Nibraaj who belonged to the village Mithi Kanar. Both the kids had long been suffering due to dearth of food.

At least 53 children are admitted and are being treated in Mithi Civil Hospital whereas three out of them are said to be in critical condition.

The Sindh government has labelled Tharparkar as calamity hit region but the local administration has not initiated any relief work.

Famine has been consistent in Tharpakar due to lack of rainfalls from past three consecutive years. The situation has now worsened and people are getting into serious trouble, reason being scarcity of food and inadequate supply of water. Deficiency of necessities to children has proved to be the sole contributor towards the increased loss of life.

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