Qadri’s allies have a bone to pick with container cleric: report | Pakistan Today

Qadri’s allies have a bone to pick with container cleric: report

  • PAT chief’s allies angered by his sudden decision to wind up sit-in without consulting them; suspect covert deal with govt


Relations between the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri have strained after the former came to know about the latter’s ‘contacts’ with the government to reach an understanding over the winding up of his Islamabad sit-in, said a report in a local daily.

According to a report in Dawn, PML-Q leaders Chaudhry Shujaat Husain and Pervaiz Elahi were not happy with Qadri’s “contacts with a close aide of the Sharifs and reaching an understanding with the government”.

Although the PAT chief denied having made any contact with the government, the Chaudhrys were not satisfied.

“Relations between Qadri and the Chaudhrys are no more ideal as they were before the start of the ‘revolution’ march in August. Qadri has suddenly stopped giving importance to the Chaudhrys’ suggestions and this cannot happen without any reason,” a source told the newspaper, adding that the abrupt winding up of the sit-in gave credence to the “Qadri-government deal”.

“Qadri and the Chaudhrys will apparently remain political allies but they will follow their own political course,” the source said, adding that the PAT chief might not take on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in accordance with the understanding, but would not spare Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his alleged role in the killing of his 14 workers in Lahore.

There has been a disappointment in the camps of Qadri’s allies, including Majlis-i-Wahdatul Muslimeen and Sunni Ittehad Council, over his decision.

“The sit-in has been called off without achieving its objectives and it may not reflect well on the protesting parties,” PML-Q’s Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha said, according to the report.

Agha admitted that relations between the PML-Q leadership and Dr Qadri were no more ‘ideal’. “The relations have strained after reports that he had struck a deal with the government. We expressed our reservations. Dr Sahib has taken the important decision without our consent,” Agha said.

He said the PML-Q would go along with Qadri but decided to hold rallies on its own in different parts of Punjab in coming days.

PPP leader Raja Riaz told the paper that he had already disclosed the “government-Qadri deal”.

“A large amount of cash is involved in the deal and some common local and foreign friends of Qadri and the Sharif family have played a role in the deal,” he claimed.

Qadri’s decision also disappointed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

“PTI asked Qadri Sahib to continue the sit-in as long as he could. However, it is his decision to call it off,” PTI’s Punjab President Ijaz Chaudhry told the paper.

Sunni Ittehad Council’s spokesman Arshad Mustafai said its chairman Sahibzada Hamid Raza would announce on Wednesday (today) his party’s point of view on the PAT’s decision to shift its sit-in to other parts of the country.

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  1. Khan said:

    What can one say.We have a history and so too Shujaat, Pervez and Qadri.Nothing to be proud of but to be ashamed of.

  2. shakan said:

    If anyone expected anything less from Dr.Qadri, you have your answer now.

  3. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    No there is no any contact of any kind! it's good if you take care and write real pbs of pakistanis! in total population of 200-220-millions, 120-One hundred twenty millions Pakistani has no tow time meal, no drikinig water, at least 25-Twenty five millions very young children under 5-five 12-years has no school, no health care, 400000-Four hundred thousands very young Pakistani children die each years lack of clean water! how many mothers die lake of health care! even today in tharparkar close to eastern region & other parts of country animals & peoples die lake of food/watre! Go Nawaz Go

  4. Malik said:

    Qadri was expected to find a way out of this Dharna. As for likes of Ch Shujaat, Ch Pervaiz Elahi, or Mustafa Khar they would sign a deal with devil himself if it suits them. TUQ is a Canadian national, who was doing this on somebody's bidding and his handlers must have told him to back off.

  5. OUTSPOKEN said:


  6. Kmkhan kul said:

    Yeh kadri bhi maadarchood deal maker hi nikla ab iss mulk main Saray hi bahenchood Hain

  7. Javed said:


    On AUG 14, 2014 at the start of Inqlab March, your leader gave an important advice to you. Its times for you to follow those directions, if you are true follower.

    He said the followers of the leader who backs out from the march/sit-in should join the sit-in/march of the other party. If Imran quits, his followers must joing PAT demo and if Qadri quits, PAT followers will join PTI Azadi March. So now join PTI azadi march/sit-in else you are NOT following your leader.

  8. aryanazlam said:

    An insider told me that Qadri received Rs. 3.00 billion from govt. a good deal indeed, Javed hashmi has been compensated for his sacrifices. Afterall he is human being. He has certain necessities and necessaries of life if not luxuries of life.

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