VVIP movement


A video has gone viral on the internet wherein dignified residents of Islamabad are seen protesting against a road blockade during PM’s move to Air Headquarters, Islamabad. Reportedly, PM’s entourage was forced to change its route.

This reminds me of another incident during General Pervez Musharraf’s tenure when a flat in Askari II, Scheme III, Rawalpindi, got burnt due to short circuiting but unfortunately a fire tender could not arrive in time because it was blocked on a VVIP route. I wrote a letter to an editor highlighting the plight of the occupants of the burnt out flat. General Pervez Musharraf took notice of my letter and a few days later, I read in the newspapers that he had ordered that the traffic be stopped for eight minutes and no more for his entourage. I once timed the blockade during one of his moves and found out that his orders were implemented in letter and spirit.

I live in Chaklala Cantonment, Rawalpindi, where at least twice a day we encounter VIP movements of CJCSC and COAS but the same are controlled in such a manner that the traffic is not blocked for more than five minutes at one time.

I suggest that the President, PM, Governors and Chief Ministers must endeavour not to inconvenience the public for too long a time during their moves. The hatred of the public against the VVIP culture is hitting the roof but it seems that our VVIPs are deaf and dumb till they are meted out the same treatment like Rehman Malik and Dr Ramesh.




  1. Very finely brought out facts. That's the difference our Military Persons like General Musharraf are disciplined and men of their words and "Command" respect from the people. Whereas our so called politicians no code of ethics or honor and would "Demand" respect from the people failing which they kill own people as in Model Town.

    • General Musharraf responded to another letter-to-the-editor of mine related to electricity load-shedding during extreme summers. My plea was that WAPDA propagated reduced use of electricity between 6 to 10 pm then why was it shedding its load at 11 pm and after. Another plea was that my children cursed him for this because that was the time to hit the bed and they would remain disturbed from 11 to 12 midnight. By the way, we did not have a UPS at that time.
      General Musharraf took immediate notice of my letter and the from next night onwards, there was no load-shedding at 11 pm!

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