White Lies



Word about a possible Punjab government-PAT truce did the rounds for a while. The Qisas-Diyat provision was coming into play. Dar sb was present, possibly to help with financial niceties. The dharna would be wrapped and blood money paid. So much for that. But then a TV anchor, once associated with the naya Pakistan group and past his grey-hair days, pointed out the culpable homicide link, and how and admission of guilt must precede the transactions. Catch-22 situation, really. Maybe this spanner in the works got the denials out early.


PTI has always been popular with expats, but nowhere like in London. And the go-Nawaz-go slogan has caught on internationally too. It greeted Nawaz in London, and embarrassed him in New York. But the UK guys seemed to want more. So much so that they planned another show outside N’s Park Lane house. The boys came, the girls came, and the chill brought out new fashion; tigers and tigresses sporting PTI coloured scarfs, etc. And there was plenty of go-Nawaz-go. Only there was no Nawaz, nor any family member. But the empty house was treated to quite a show.