Turkey to shower more bucks in Punjab!


*Turkish delegation says companies interested to invest in urban transport and solid waste management sectors

Relations between Pakistan and Turkey are strengthening and a number of Turk companies are investing in Pakistan especially Punjab, said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday in a meeting with a delegation belonging to prominent Turkish group Campak to discuss matters regarding cooperation in transport and solid waste management sectors.

Shahbaz said that Turkey and Pakistan were bound together in strong ties of friendship, brotherhood and love. He said a state-of-the-art Tayyip Erdogan Hospital had been set up in Muzaffargarh with the cooperation of Turkey and modern medical facilities were being provided in the hospital.

He said that Lahore Metro Bus Project is a glorious example of Pak-Turk friendship. The chief minister informed the delegation that maximum facilities were being extended to Turk companies in the province. The Turk group expressed interest in investment in urban transport sector in Punjab.

The delegation comprised Campak Chief Executive Officer Abdulkadir Turan and others. Lahore Transport Company Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan and Lahore Solid Waste Management Company managing director were also present in the meeting.