JuD chief wants ’an eye for an eye’ relationship with India


 *Hafiz Saeed says India, if not answered appropriately for its unprovoked firing, may resort to ‘surgical strikes’ against Pakistan

Indian guns should be silenced as Indian Army’s unprovoked firing on Working Boundary and Line of Control (LoC) is a part of a bigger conspiracy hatched jointly by India and America against Pakistan, said Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed while addressing the Friday sermon at Jamia Al-Qudsia.

He said that India, if not answered appropriately, may resort to ‘surgical strikes’ against Pakistan on America’s behest.

Saeed said that the United States was avenging its defeat in Afghanistan from Pakistan, and a conspiracy was being hatched against Pakistan which was planned in a meeting between American President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi. He said that US wanted India to lead the region.

However, he believed that the cross boarder tensions would result in nothing but the independence of Kashmir from India. He called upon the government, media and politicians to get united, as America and India wished to take advantage of internal disintegration in Pakistan. He said that they all stood united for the sake of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan should stop promoting trade and other ties with India unilaterally, adding that better relations with India were impossible until Kashmir issue was resolved.

Saeed also said the government should stop looking towards Europe for peace between India and Pakistan. He said Pakistan, being a nuclear state, should tell India that any kind of strikes against Pakistan would follow with an appropriate response.


  1. What ideology….why don't you leave everything and start focusing on country's infrastructure, poverty , growth , better living standard for people of Pakistan….

  2. Right .. and Hafeez Sayeed was sitting in the next room, with his ears glued to the wall to hear what Barack Obama and Modi were discussing.

    This guy is a glorified joker 🙂

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