Karachi jailbreak attempt: Suspects admit plan to attack prison in Muharram



Ten suspects arrested for allegedly digging a tunnel into Karachi Central Jail admitted to have planned a suicide attack on the prison during the upcoming Islamic month of Muharram, a private news channel reported.

According to the report, the 10 suspects were arrested today in raids across the metropolitan by the Rangers.

Upon interrogation, the suspects admitted that they had planned to enter Karachi Jail through a tunnel dug in a nearby house, detonate explosive and free around 100 militants imprisoned there on Muharram 8th.

Maps of Karachi jail, computers, suicide jackets, important documents and guns were also recovered from the possession of the suspects, added the report.

The terror bid was thwarted by paramilitary Rangers on October 13 who discovered the tunnel in a house located near the Central Jail.



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