LHC orders to book husband for installing tracker inside wife’s body



Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday accepted the plea of a woman who accused her husband of installing a tracking device in her body and ordered to register a case against the accused, a private news channel reported.

According to the report, Sughran Bibi told the court that her husband Saleem had been tracking her movement by affixing a tracking device inside her while she was unconscious. She added that the accused has been blackmailing her.

Sughran accuses that her estranged husband visited her residence with an accomplice and forcibly made her to inhale chloroform, causing her to fall unconscious. She later woke up in a hospital with stitched on her stomach, which, she claims, were put after her husband installed the tracker in her.

The court, accepting her plea, ordered the Ghaziabad Police Station to register a case and start investigation.




  1. This is a serious problem and the men are jealous and suspect women.That is the main reason why they enforce the burkha rule so that others will not look at their women and feel envious nor women can go out and be like normal humans,

  2. I know and this meant for theft fear. but who has given him idea to install on his wife.This innovation is even not tried on wife on that country in which tracker is made.

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