Who will win NA-149 by-polls?

  • Sources say independent candidates Hashmi and Dogar being backed by PML-N and PTI respectively
  • Add that some members of PML-N, PTI are not happy over their parties’ support for independent candidates
  • Say Hashmi contacted Bilawal to withdraw PPP candidate in his support

The situation in Multan’s NA-149 is highly uncertain ahead of the by-polls. Veteran politician Javed Hashmi’s – though enjoying the support of several political parties and the Punjab Government – faces tough competition ‎ as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s local voters are likely to support former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) loyalist Malik Amir Dogar who is contesting the by-polls as an independent candidate, Pakistan Today has learnt.

PTI and PML-N have not fielded any candidates for the by-polls and both are covertly backing independent candidates, sources have confirmed.

According to a reliable source, last week Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hamza Shahbaz directed DCO Multan Zahid Salim Gondal to mobilise all government resources to secure Hashmi’s win. RPO Multan, DPO Multan, EDOs and other high-ranking officials also attended the video-conference.

Sources close to Hashmi told Pakistan Today that development projects are being designed to favour Hashmi.

“Hashmi resigned from PTI on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s and the local leadership’s directive who wanted him to declare his loyalty to the ruling Sharif family,” the source said.

The source added that senior politicians including Pakhtunkhwa milli Awami Party (PMAP) Chairman Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Farooq Sattar, PPP leader Syed Khurshid Shah have also assured Hashmi of addressing public gatherings in Multan soon.

A source close to Hashmi told Pakistan Today, “Fearing a backlash from PTI’s workers, Hashmi has sought security from Punjab Government to enable him to campaign.”

After having to face derogatory slogans from PTI supporters, Hashmi is merely running his election campaign from home, conducting around eight press conferences daily.


“Hashmi also contacted PPP Co-Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and urged him to withdraw the PPP candidate in his favour so that the PTI-backed candidate can be defeated,” a source said.

Hashmi is contesting the by-polls as an independent candidate after quitting as PTI president. He had won 2013 General Election from NA-149 with a margin of over 10,000 votes.

Hashmi is being challenged by independent candidate and PPP South Punjab chapter former general-secretary Dogar. Dogar, who refused a PPP ticket, has the full support of PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, sources have said.

PPP has fielded Javed Siddiqi who has as yet failed to mobilise PPP workers in his favor, leaving Bilawal House to consider withdrawing him in Hashmi’s favour.

NA-149, with 338,005 voters, has been a stronghold of PML-N. However, riding on a PTI popularity wave, Hashmi defeated PML-N candidate Tariq Rashid in 2013 General Election.

Hashmi won from this constituency for the first time in 2008 with a PML-N ticket.


Sources close to Dogar and Hashmi have confirmed that some local leaders of PTI and PML-N are violating their party’s decisions to support either candidate, which may lead to a twist in events.

“Though Tariq Rashid claims to support Hashmi, he is unhappy with Hashmi’s likely return to the PML-N. He is covertly backing his brother, Tahir Rashid, an independent candidate,” a PML-N source said, adding that other PML-N leaders including Bilal Butt and Senator Rafiq Rajwani were also unhappy over Hashmi’s likely return to PML-N.

“PML-N workers think he would rebel against the party again,” the source added.

Similarly, PTI supporters view Dogar as an alien who may rebel against the party as Hashmi did.

“Dogar has been associated with PPP for over a decade now. His late father had been jailed for ten years for corruption charges. We don’t think Dogar will be a good choice. Moreover, PTI’s local leaders including Tariq Naeemullah, Saeed Qureshi and Khalid Khakwani are hopeful of the party ticket from NA-149 after Hashmi’s departure. So they may launch a covert campaign against Dogar,” a local PTI leader said.

“The outcome of the by-polls depends on whether PTI chief Khan openly announces support for Dogar or not,” said senior journalist from Multan Amjad Bokhari.

Tahir Mahmood, another senior journalist, said that Hashmi’s position was weak as he had no personal vote bank in NA-149.

“Hashmi has strength in NA-148 which is his traditional constituency but he has no personal vote in NA-149. He only won last time due to the Khan factor. Dogar has about 20,000-25,000 personal votes under his belt.”

Mahmood said that Dogar was leading the race, adding, “PTI’s charged voters don’t like Dogar but they are eager to teach Hashmi a lesson.”


  1. InshaAllah Jawed Hashmi will win the election and give a slap on the face of killers- Imran Khan, SMQ & Sh Rasheed.

  2. Imran Khan has already prepared his press statement about dhandli dhandli on the evening of 16th October 2014. This loser always crying and will continue to cry and will never be able to harm Pakistan!

    • “According to a reliable source, last week Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hamza Shahbaz directed DCO Multan Zahid Salim Gondal to mobilise all government resources to secure Hashmi’s win“

      and still u blame IK , Hilarious

      • Affan Bhai plz note….. imran khan will say same words (dhandli dhandli) after the General election 2018.
        He cant win , moreover he is loosing his present popularity which will limit him in between 15 to 20 seats in General election 2018.

    • IK can only speech or can make a soft press conference and he can not afford independent media like Geo. If he keeps the courage may have the option of the Geo and I hope PTI will bear this..

      Mlaik Aziz

  3. dogar will win. hashmi has zero vote thats why pmln sent their two mna two mpa and minister…what the hell is going on

  4. PTI’s jaisa in multan while not fielding their own candidate is a full out support to yet another corrupt individual. Just to win the election which will do no difference to PTI Imran Khan and entire top leadership of PTI is in Multan. On one hand they are dying to resign from the assembly while at the same time supporting a corrupt person to reach the power houses. PTI trapped in their own Web. What a lousy joke they have turned out to be. Shame on Imran Khan, shame on you.

  5. No chance for Dogar and PTI , my personal survey says Javed Hashmi will get about 1,20,000 votes while his opponent Dogar will get about 65000 votes. Imran khan is not popular among mature voters overall the country specially i saw in NA 149.

  6. Malik Aamir Dogar will win the by poll because Pti support him. “DAGHI will lose and Go Nawaz Go”

  7. Allah Pak Imran khan ki aazadi aor inqillab se pakistan ko mahfooz farmaey. Aameeeeeeeeeeeeen
    Hashmi is winning the seat overtly.

  8. NA 149 PML n has strong hold in 2013 election ppp voters vote for pti on 16 oct ppp voters will vote for ppp candidate and Javed Hashmi will win the election

  9. IN SHAA ALLAH Jawed Hashmi jetay ga election , ya election pml n our pti ka mukabla nahi ya soch ka mukabla hay IN SHAA ALLAH imran qadri ki soch ko buri tarhan shakast hogi

  10. our survey says Hashmi sahab is winning in NA 149. Since Mature voters are favoring him , 40% young voters are favoring Hashmi too. so there is no chance for Amir Dogar sahab since he has been a big believer of PPP.

  11. Malik Amir Dogar is my uncle and in Sha Allah he will not win this seat. We all pray for Hashmi . He is a good man not a corrupt like Dogar.

  12. PTi Ka Jalsa Agar Chand Pur Bhe Ho to Bhi Bara Ho Ga Because jo Class PTi K sath jo Class He Un K Pas paisa Ore Waqat Donon Ki kami Naheen Na 149 Multan k logon k shaoor ka Test he Pakistan k Har Hakey K loag khawish Kartey hain k kash Hashmi un k halkey Main Hota

  13. Gul
    Hashmi is in huge trouble.All independent sources in Multan say so.Govt.tried to delay election.Even Javed Hashmi is now certain of his defeat as he said PTI is serious to win this seat as to conquer red forte.Dogar…90000,Hahmi 60000,ppp 25000,Sh.Tahir Rashid will get 23000

    • Mati Not good Please Play Fair Game No Bad Name For Any One I will say Zinda Bad Doggar Zinda bad Hashmi Zinda Bad MATI

  14. Imran Khan is not different from other politicians.He is a day dreamer playing in the hands of sheeda tali and other wicked politicians .

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