Iran holds Pakistan accountable for attacks in Saravan


The Iranian interior ministry has held Islamabad accountable for the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of several policemen in South-eastern Iran recently.

”We don’t expect the Pakistani government to allow the terrorist operations will be held against Iran from the Pakistani soil,” Interior Ministry spokesman Hossein Ali Amiri told reporters in Tehran.

He called on the Iranian foreign ministry to take more active measures in contacts with Islamabad to make the Muslim neighbouring state in order not to allow their country become a launch pad for terrorists operations against Iran.

Yet, the spokesman said the terrorist attacks did not have any military value as they were only some hit-and-run operations by the terrorists who sneak into Iran from a neighbouring state, carry out terrorist operations and then escape to the same country.

Amiri called for Pakistan’s serious cooperation in preventing terrorists’ infiltration into the Iranian soil, and said, “The Pakistani government should be held accountable for the terrorist operations.”

Four Iranian police officers, including a conscript, were killed in two terrorist attacks on a border post in the South-eastern province of Sistan and Balochistan.

The tragic event took place on Wednesday and Thursday in the vicinity of the city of Saravan near the border with Pakistan.

”We are now trying to identify the terrorists,” Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam told an Iranian news agency.

Stressing that Tehran will protest with Pakistan for its lax control over the bordering areas with Iran, he said, “This is not acceptable that the terrorists use Pakistan’s soil to hit Iran.”

”Anyway, preventing such incidents is their responsibility,” Ahmadi Moqaddam stressed.

The second terrorist raid came less than 24 hours after the first one. Police have launched a probe to identify the perpetrators of the terror attack.


  1. Unfortunately Pakistan is the only country in the world which has problems with all its neighbors.
    The Army, instead of safeguarding & sealing the borders, is too busy in capturing its own Government through proxies in the shape of Imran-ul-Qadri & Chaudhry Brothers.

    • y pakistan is always on the hit list of every country .its not the duty of pak army to settle foreign affairs. this outburst of othr nation is due to our orthodox policies. y blame pak army while the whole mess is created by these dobious politicns n beaurocats! army is doing every thing 4 this country from flood relief activities to operation on wana n border defence bt this coutry is left to such stupid politicans who dont even respond to crisises!!! what jurkk!!!

  2. Funny how Iran is pointing fingers when it allows Indian Intelligence agencies to smuggle weapons in Baluchistan. Guess it hurts when its your turn.

  3. Globally Pakistan is known as Terror Hub, roots of all terrorist Group can be traced to Pakistan. So to solve the problem of Global terrorism we need to address the root cause and that is pakistan. Global agencies should coordinate with lakistani Govt to root our terror Hubs from Pakistan by Bombing left right. Th

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