Bilawal terms Kashmir dispute a UN failure


PPP co-chairman says UN is not solely responsible for all the world problems

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said Sunday that the United Nations (UN) had failed to resolve the Kashmir dispute while “the Kashmiri people continue to await the realisation of the promise the world made to them”.

Addressing the National Youth Parliament’s session, Bilawal criticised the UN saying that much of the hostility in the subcontinent was due to the unresolved Kashmir issue and that Kashmir was “an example of the failure of the UN”.

“We believe in the principles of international order, we believe in the fairness of the international world order that was created to respect human rights, to respect the right to self-determination, and it was established to provide a just and fair world,” he said.

“Pakistan’s experience fighting terrorism, struggling for democracy and the brutal occupation of Kashmir show that had the world listened to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan, today world peace would be more than just a dream,” said Bilawal, imploring the world to listen to Pakistan and its people.

Bilawal’s focus on Kashmir built off his recent remarks that if PPP returned to power, the party would be able to wrest all of Kashmir from India.

Bilawal’s remarks have come at a time when at least 17 people have lost their lives due to the skirmish at the India-Pakistan border, regarding which Pakistan has also written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Bilawal stressed that for any realistic analysis of the efficiency of an organisation, it was imperative to first analyse one’s own standing.

“I believe that the region we inhabit has become less secure than before, less peaceful than before and less tolerant than before,” he said, but added that the UN could not be held solely responsible for the world’s problems and every state should take responsibility for its actions and decisions.


Emphasising on the transition of power to the youth, Bilawal said, “As critical players shaping the present and defining the future, we ought to be at the heart of public conversation.”

“We are the 9/11 generation; we know what it’s like to be called Muslims in (this) increasingly Islam-phobic world.”

“We must learn from the age of fascism, we must learn from the greatest ideological conflict of our time, the cold war.”

Stating that the new generation wants a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan, Bilawal said that if this generation repeated history, it would have dire consequences for mankind.

The current generation is the “climate change” and “post recession” generation which does not worship “the author of capitalism”, Bilawal said.

“The world is borrowing up on our future, piling up largest debts and deficits in the history of man and expecting us to pay for their war and poisoning our planet.”

“To all our elders, we are not just the youth, we are the future and we demand to be heard today. Either hear what we have to say or get out of the way,” he said.

“Our generation has the answers to your problems. We will succeed where you have failed.”

Bilawal said that a strong country was one where people were educated and at peace. The next generation will not count how many tanks or nukes we had made, he added.

Admiring the patriotism of Pakistan’s youth, he said, “We will not look forward to a strong authoritarian government but to a government by the people, for the people.”


  1. I do not like Bilawal, but what he said is CORRECT.

    Jawaher Lal Nehru went to UN, signed the UN Resolutions about Jammu and Kashmir, promissed to the whole world that Kashmirees would decide their fate; either to live with Pakistan or with India, through a plebiscite under UN supervision; PLEBISCITE and NOT Through ELECTION. Did he lie?

    India has to fulfil its promise, and sooner it is, the better it is, otherwise Pakistan has the power and ability to keep India Bleeding To Death, though a very, very slow and painful death.

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