White Lies


Former President Musharraf seems to be living it up one more time. He’s sitting pretty in Karachi, meeting friends, playing bridge, even enjoying the occasional sundowner, so says the grapevine. Those who frequent the Sindh Club also see his extensive security detail there more often than not. Quite a contrast to Mian sb, who went after the former president/COAS as soon as he got his heavy mandate from the last election. But how things change. The treason charge, parading the dictator across courts, etc, all seems a thing of the past. If anything, it is the prime minister who seems under trial while Mush enjoys the good life. Déjà vu, anyone?


Finally, Jemima is ready to move beyond Khan, at least as far as her name goes. But not without reason. It was only when kaptaan hinted once too often about remarrying, and Jemima subsequently confirmed, that she decided that time had come to chuck her long acquired surname. There might be some substance to the rumour after all, according to PTI insiders. Yousaf Sallis and other long time friends seem to have talked about Khan tying the knot with a likeable personality prominent on TV, but his sisters thought her too modern. Word has it that the sisters might even have clean bowled Khan and hit his doosra out of the park by having him engaged to a more suitable girl from Peshawar.


  1. I really want to say that mushraf has been the perfect person for the better future of this country. He should be elected also this time but I was sad that it was not possible this time.

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