PML-N workers heckle Sh Rasheed in Multan

  • PML-N workers storm Rasheed’s hotel, MPC, raise ‘Sheeda Talli Haye Haye’ and ‘Ro Imran Ro’ slogans, pelt stones at hotel, tear politician’s posters
  • PML-N leader Billu Butt says workers perturbed over Rasheed’s use of abusive language against Sharif brothers
  • Rasheed says PML-N sent goons to scare him away, vows not to back off


Raising ‘Go Imran Go’ and ‘Go Sheikh Go’ slogans, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers Thursday stormed the hotel where Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed was staying and also surrounded the Multan Press Club (MPC) where the politician was due to address a press conference.

Threatening Rasheed with dire consequences, hundreds of hostile N-leaguers stormed the hotel, tore down his campaign posters hanging outside and forcibly tried to enter the hotel. They also vandalised the hotel exterior while calling names to the AML leader.

The vandals who were chanting abusive slogans including ‘Sheeda Talli Haye Haye’ and ‘Ro Imran Ro’ also pelted stones and rotten eggs at the hotel doors and posters bearing Rasheed and other leaders.


While talking to journalists, PML-N leader Billal Butt alias Billu Butt said that Rasheed “deserved to be treated like this”.

“He should never have used abusive words against our leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. What goes around comes around. Our workers are only protesting peacefully,” Butt claimed.

“Though I have urged the workers to calm down, but I am afraid they are so passionate about their leaders that they are just not ready to leave,” Butt said.

Later on, Butt claimed that PML-N workers had called off the protest outside Rasheed’s hotel however sources on the ground reported otherwise.

Finally, the PML-N workers started retreating after several Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers showed up outside the hotel in Rasheed’s support.


Commenting on the incident from the hotel, Rasheed told reporters that PML-N leadership had sent “hooligans to scare him away”.

According to Rasheed, the PML-N’s “Gullu Butts” swooped on his hotel ahead of his press conference at 5pm.

“I have seen situations worse than this. A bunch of hired goons cannot make me change my mind. I will hold the press conference as scheduled,” he said.


  1. The lose-mouth idiot Sheikh Rasheed is tasting his own medicine.
    This LOTA was once abusing Imran Khan and is now licking his feet.

  2. One of the Great Pakistani politicion a zindadil, Long Live Shaikh Rasheed, Imran Khan, Allama Dr Qadri Long Live Ir Pakistan, Go Nawaz Go

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