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Namaz-e-Eid behind Qadri invalid, congregation should repent: clerics

A new controversy has risen over Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri’s leading the Eidul Azha congregation on Monday with prominent religious scholars declaring that Namaz offered behind a ‘disabled’ Imam is “invalid”.

Wafaqul Madaris Secretary General Qari Hanif Jalandhri on Wednesday said that Ba Jamaat Namaz cannot be held behind a disabled Imam therefore the prayers of all those who offered it at D-Chowk sit-in behind Qadri is invalid.

“It is vital for an Imam to perform Rukuh and Sajda therefore the symbolically performed prayer by Qadri is invalid,” said Jalandhri, calling upon all those who had offered Namaz behind Qadri “to repent”.

Raghib Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia Lahore endorsed Jalandhri’s statement and said the prayers of the sit-in congregation, which included Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and several PTI leaders, were not in accordance with Islamic injunctions.

Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi of the Pakistan Ulema Council also criticised the sit-in congregation for offering Eid prayers behind a disabled man.

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  1. Hassan Ali said:

    Allah ney namaz mein diloun ko dekhna hai imam keh sajdoun aur rukoh ko nahi

  2. Shah N Khan said:

    Detestable display of bigotry. These types of Mullas had declared Quide Azam as Kafir and they can't agree on such simple things as uniform date for Eids

  3. adnan said:

    Agar Allah Tala ne dilon ka haal hi dekhna hey to phir ap logon ko baghir wazu k hi namaz parh liya karo, KION K DIL KA HAL HI TO DEKHNA HEY!!! kya khyal hey hazur?

  4. jamal nasir said:

    see sahi bukhari jild awal ….which permits both the options to imam

  5. Anpost said:

    What about namaz behind grand mufti sheikh abdul aziz of Saudi Arabia who is one eyed. Can mullana advise about it please or Saudi are exempt from this fatwa?

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