Kidnapped ANP leader recovered from Peshawar


Central leader of Awami National Party (ANP) Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi, was recovered from Peshawar on Sunday. Armed militants had kidnapped Kasi from Patel road area of Quetta on October 23 last year.

ANP Balochistan President Asghar Khan Achakzai said that Kasi has been recovered and reached Peshawar after spending a year in captivity. It was yet to be confirmed that whether Kasi’s family had paid ransom for his release or he was recovered by security forces during an operation.

Kasi’s captors had demanded a huge amount of ransom from the his family soon after the kidnapping, however his son Nawabzada Omar Kasi had refused to pay the ransom amount.

“Kasi would be soon flown to Quetta from Islamabad”, Asghar Achakzai said, giving no details about the release. Political parties and members of civil society had launched protest demonstrations against Arbab Zahir Kasi’s kidnapping.

Members from treasury and opposition benches in Balochistan Assembly had also staged protest demonstration outside National Assembly in Islamabad to mount pressure over the federal government to recover the kidnapped leader.

A large number of ANP supporters and elders of Kasi tribe gathered at Arbab’s residence located on Khudaidad Road of Quetta after private TV channels reported his recovery.