Citizens lynch 2 dacoits in Korangi


Two dacoits who were severely thrashed by an infuriated mob in Korangi passed away while they were being transported to hospital.

According to details, the dacoits were busy in robbing people of their valuables at gunpoint at Ghaus Pak Road in Korangi.

The citizens said they captured criminals from a milk shop. Later, the exasperated people subjected the duo to torture for over an hour. An interesting situation also developed when the incensed citizens raised ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogans.

It should be mentioned that residents of the area are distressed over the increasing frequency of street crimes with no corresponding police action to tackle the issue.

According to police sources, weapons have been recovered from the criminals.



  1. Well done people well done. Please people, organise yourself in every locality. It is your organisation the will help you put yourself on the path to progress and security. Yes it is true, self help is the best help.

  2. This had to happen when the people know that no justice will prevail as per prevalent system….they are forced to take law into their own hands…..good.

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