Emirates flight pulled off Karachi runway after pilot detects smoke in cockpit


An Emirates passenger airline with 82 people on board bound for Dubai was pulled off the runway minutes before it was supposed to take off after the pilot detected smoke in the cockpit.

Just as flight EK 609 was due to depart on Saturday evening, the pilot called for emergency assistance soon after he had started backing off the Airbus 320. It had earlier been reported that the plane had taken off and had to turn around for an emergency landing, however, officials denied this was the case and that the plane had not taken off.

“All the passengers and crew members were evacuated and the plane has been parked on one side. No one was hurt,” said Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson Pervez George.

The plane deployed chutes to evacuate passengers.



  1. And why do you have a picture of an A380 while describing an incident with an A320 that actually happened on an A330?

  2. Picture is of an A380 with text referring to an A320, when the incident happened to an A330. Emirates don't even have A320s in their fleet. Typical rubbish reporting.

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