The life changing petrol price reduction


    A list of things that you can do from the Rs2.94 you will save on every litre of petrol


    After Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (OGRA) recommendations were reviewed and approved by the finance ministry, the petrol price was reduced by Rs2.94 last week. While petrol price has been decreased by Rs2.94 per litre, High Speed Diesel has seen a 95 paisas per litre reduction, Kerosene Oil Rs1.31, High Octane Blended Component (HOBC) Rs1.28 and light diesel 67 paisas per litre.

    This fuel price reduction is not only life-changing moment for all of us but a timely Eid gift for the nation that is marred by crises load shedding, inflation, floods and Imran Khan. However, as is the case with hefty sums of money, it is important to put it to proper use to make the most out of it. Here’s a list of things that you can do to make the most of the Rs2.94 you will save on every litre of petrol.

    Buy the bakra

    By the time you read this, five long days have passed since the government announced the petrol price reduction. During these five days, which constituted the build up to Eid-ul-Azha, you must have travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres and saved up hundreds of thousands rupees. Be smart and don’t waste it all on things you don’t need. Spend it on the bakra that you do need. Those things cost hundreds of thousands of bucks these days anyway.

    Pay your debt

    If you are super excited about the decrease in petroleum prices, the odds are that you are in debt as well. You can use the massive sum of money that you will save up on transportation to make sure that you pay off all your debt. In fact now you will have enough money to start loaning out cash. But don’t forget to take interest, or you’ll be in more debt pretty soon.

    Multiply your vehicles

    What would be the best way to multiply your income from petrol savings? Yes, consuming more petrol. Now what would be the best way of doing that? Yup, purchasing more vehicles. More vehicles mean more petrol means more litres consumed which in turn means more savings from fuel.

    Take a road trip all over Pakistan

    Ever dreamt of going all over Pakistan but backed out because the wallet didn’t allow it? This is a golden opportunity for you. Not only can you travel all over Pakistan now, you can use the savings from the petrol that you consume to spend even more on shopping.

    Save up for life after retirement

    It would be hard for you to come across a better savings opportunity than buying fuel this week. Make the most of it by saving all the extra money for your life after retirement – a time where you would want to rest and not use your car too often.

    Hoard and invest

    Anyone with an eye for investment would realise that fuel this week presents an ideal opportunity for investment. We all know that the petrol prices are going to shoot back up once Eid is over. So the number of litres of fuel that you purchase is technically the amount in rupees that you will save, multiplied by 2.94.

    100,000 litres of petrol can earn you at least Rs294,000 in just a matter of a week. At least, because the petrol price would at least return to its pre-Eid value, and can even top that number knowing how this government works.

    You can thank us later when you’re a millionaire.


    The writer can’t follow any of the topics provided here because his car broke down the day this piece was being scribed. All side effects of reading The Horizontal Column are the readers’ headache.