Hashmi treated to ‘Go Nawaz Go’, ‘Baghi Daghi’ slogans in hometown | Pakistan Today

Hashmi treated to ‘Go Nawaz Go’, ‘Baghi Daghi’ slogans in hometown

Former president of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Javed Hashmi on Friday was treated to the viral ‘Go Nawaz Go’ and ‘Baghi Daghi’ slogans in Multan when students affiliated with PTI blocked his vehicle’s way and shouted slogans on his face, a private news channel reported.

Hashmi was on his way to a funeral when young PTI supporters besieged his car and demanded an assurance that he would not rejoin the Sharifs-led Pakistan Muslim League (PML). They also kept chanting the ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogan, which seems to be getting under the skin of the PML-N leadership of late.

A visibly shocked but calm Hashmi tried to reason with the protesting students who later allowed his vehicle to pass.

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  1. ishrat salim said:

    Spent cannon…he does not deserve to be in politics any more. He should retire & take care of his health….

  2. Abid said:

    Old man has lost respect and senses….all the best to him in the hereafter….

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