Tiger is not a fit symbol


The PML-N takes pride in the symbol of ‘tiger’ for its party. The assumption that tiger is a brave animal rests on its brute strength only without any finer feelings of compassion and large heartedness. It shows that simple brute strength and an image of king of jungle do not befit a progressive party that created Pakistan. A better symbol would have been poet philosopher Dr Iqbal’s high flying ‘Shaheen’. A shaheen feeds its chicks by mouth while a tiger or a lion growls at his young cubs if they stealthily crouch to get a morsel of meat. Unfortunately the symbol of tiger has misled the entire followers of PML-N supremo to indicate that ‘right is might’ or whoever has a ‘lathi’ can own the buffalo. As such the earliest the PML-N can get rid of the tiger as a symbol, it would be helpful for it.




  1. surely baber sher-sher is a beghariat animal.even worse than a tout. it survives on the shikar of lionesses whom it does not even let them or its cubs eat till he is filled in..he looks like our beghariat politician and beghariat rulers who idolize this symbol.

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