PM calls for comprehensive strategy on flood prevention

*Rs 25,000 disbursed as first installment of compensation for flood victims as part of Khadim-e-Punjab Relief Package

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday that the government will work on a comprehensive strategy for prevention of massive floods which have caused loss of precious lives and damages to property worth billions of rupees over the years.

Addressing the launch of disbursement of first installment of Rs 25,000 as compensation to flood victims as part of Khadim-e-Punjab Relief Package, Prime Minister Sharif said that Pakistan is facing the brunt of climate change and urged the need for a National Committee on Prevention of Floods to examine the flood pattern.

“The government will take into account the factors that cause floods and would adopt a mechanism to avert the recurrence of floods,” he said.

“Due to limited resources the government has to take difficult decisions as there are many issues on its priority list including health, flood management, rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and flood victims, education and communication network,” he added.

Earlier, the PM interacted with the flood victims and enquired about their problems besides taking their views regarding the government’s relief and rehabilitation activities.

“An elderly man who could not even recognise me due to poor eyesight expressed satisfaction over the government’s relief operation,” the PM later said.

The PM lauded the efforts of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for personally supervising and coordinating the rescue and relief efforts after the recent floods.

Sharif also appreciated the role of the armed forces, police, rescue officials, irrigation and agriculture departments in the relief activities.

“The government’s performance is unmatched in history,” said the PM as he lauded the efforts of the district administration and the youth wing of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

“The sudden floods did cause damage but the government’s prompt response helped avert massive damages to lives,” said Sharif.

“The government has ensured that the initial compensation is released across the board without any discrimination,” said Sharif.

He appealed to the nation to donate construction material, household goods, utensils and clothing to the flood victims to help them start their lives afresh.

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