PAT questions govt’s performance in SC


Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) counsel Tuesday raised several questions over the present system of governance while flouting the incumbent ruling party for coming into power through a stolen mandate. The case regarding extra-constitutional steps was heard by a larger bench of Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk.

During the hearing, PAT’s counsel raised several questions regarding the ruling party and the system of governance.

“Did the government fulfil the promises it made to the people in the name of democracy? Don’t we lack good governance in the country?” said PAT’s counsel.

Has the government not violated laws in the local elections and the appointment of heads of institutions and ministers, said PAT’s counsel.

Talking about the rigged elections, the PAT counsel questioned the legitimacy of a government that has come into power with a stolen mandate

He also raised the objection that National Assembly members misuse development funds, adding that it is the responsibility of NA members to work towards the country’s progress and maintain law and order.

The PAT counsel questioned whether there is an accountability system in place to access the work of political parties and organisations.

“Has the government not failed in providing justice, education and health facilities to the public in the last four decades? Has the government provided economic justice to the people of Pakistan? Is the government not looting citizens through its t shady privatisation policy?” asked the PAT counsel.

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