Drones join judicial overcast for Mush


IHC moved for registration of murder case against Pervez Musharraf over killings in US drone strikes

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has been moved for registration of murder case against former president Pervez Musharraf for the citizens who have been killed in drone strikes in tribal areas of the country.

In this regard, a constitutional petition was Wednesday filed in IHC by a capital city’s resident, Mian Zahid Ghani.

The petitioner stated that Musharraf had signed a written agreement with the United States government allowing it to conduct drone attacks in tribal areas wherein hundreds of the citizens were martyred.

At least 1,600 Pakistanis were martyred and hundreds were injured in 379 drone attacks during the period from 2004 to 2013, following which the injured were living as disabled, Ghani said, contending that former president had violated Constitution of Pakistan.

“Protecting the life and property of the citizens is responsibility of the government. Therefore, court should order for registration of murder case in respect of innocent Pakistanis martyred in drone strikes,” he prayed.





  1. Only 8-10 drones were used in Musharraf's time,they were allowed for surveillance only!
    The US violated the deal,they were not allowed for attacks.When the US violated the deal Musharraf
    fought with them several times and asked for the Drone technology to be given to them and that all the operations
    of drone strikes would take place with the Pakistan Army and the ISI if "TERRORISTS" are actually found,they were
    pin pointed.Musharraf had ended the deal and PPP brought the deal back giving the US complete freedom to strike a drone anywhere.

    Shame on the media for not pointing this out.

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