Ranger arrests in Karachi


This is in reference to undue protests by MQM over arrests by Rangers from a sector office in Karachi. The fact that rangers were fired upon by activists of this party when they carried out the raid only substantiates allegations that criminals accused of heinous crimes were within the premises. Otherwise why should innocent peaceful citizens resort to indiscriminate firing to evade arrest?

No citizen of Pakistan, to whichever party he may belong, can challenge the writ of the state. If those arrested are innocent, courts are there to give them justice. The fact that scores of innocent citizens are being killed daily on the streets of Karachi by target killers, be they linked to fundamentalist terror groups or criminal mafia patronised by political parties involved in these crimes, only emphasizes constitutional obligations of provincial government and law enforcement agencies to enforce the writ of law and protect the lives and property of law abiding citizens.

The majesty of law must prevail, be it police excesses in Model Town, Lahore, target killers and extortion collectors of Karachi, or sectarian killings in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. Being elected gives neither immunity to any individual or a political party nor the right to violate the laws of land, nor tax evasion. It however makes elected representatives more answerable because they have taken an oath to uphold constitution and to respect laws of this country.


Dubai, UAE


  1. are you sure there was firing…always LEAs will give statement to justify the raids..data released by Rangers tell us this operation like 1992 and 1995 are one sided targeting only one community 373 raids on MQM offices 560 workers arrested 41 missing and many extra-judical killing and large cache of weapons was recovered.but never shown to media…only 18 raids on ANP offices 40 arrested only 21 weapons recovered no missing workers ..who will believe it,it is well known which community involved is involved in gun running…PPP no raid no recovery of weapon

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