White Lies



So Tahirul Qadri was finally persuaded to take a leaf out of Imran Khan’s book and spend some time with his followers. Get out of the container, stretch the legs a bit, which he did. But did you notice the handkerchief covering his nose? You don’t expect your thousands to pitch tent there and D-Chowk to remain sparkling clean now, do you?

It turns out that the Canadian cleric, who refuses to surrender his foreign passport, has a fetish for cleanliness. Like most foreign Pakistanis, especially across the Atlantic, it seems Allama sahib, too, is allergic to dust, dust carrying bacteria, bad smell, etc. Now doesn’t that separate you from the lot? So much for the people’s revolution.


Zardari sb was all charm, as usual, when he sat down for an interview with Editor, Pakistan Today, Arif Nizami, recently. Lunch, with the daal chawal and bhindi, was yummy, even if it was a little late. But lunch is always late, because the former president does not sleep before 5am.

It was interesting to note Zardari sb’s secret behind the five years. How did he do it? Simple, he said: tolerance, tolerance and tolerance. But has Nawaz learned that much? Difficult to say, but seeing the way he dissed the Indians by the K-word at the UN General Assembly, it seems he has learned a fair bit of tolerance for the military’s concerns, at least!