‘ECP report validated PTI’s stance on rigging’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi have asserted that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has admitted massive rigging in last year’s general elections through its recent review report.

Addressing PTI activists at D-Chowk Tuesday, Khan said that ECP review report has validated his party stance on the transparency of elections. Election’s rigging would be proved when Form 14 will be made public, he said, pointing a finger at the magnetic ink used in the elections.

Earlier, addressing a press conference, Qureshi that PTI had raised the issue about printing of extra ballot papers from Urdu Bazar, Lahore, and now even ECP has admitted that there were problems with the ballot papers.

The PTI vice chairman said that voters were unable to reach the polling stations because ECP was unable to provide them with the transport. He said that ECP’s scrutiny cell was not working while UNDP system was a complete failure despite heavy investment.

“Time was extended at some polling stations and was not extended on the others,” said Qureshi, adding that although PTI was supportive of extending the voting time as there were long queues outside polling stations yet time was extended only in few of the polling stations.

Moreover, the PTI leader said that government was using delaying tactics in scrutiny of the matter. Revealing the discussions that PTI had with the government committee, Qureshi said that when PTI committee asked the government committee to scrutinise 30 constituencies, they rejected it saying that 30 constituencies were not enough to determine whether entire elections were rigged or not.

Qureshi also lambasted the government over the fire which broke out in a school where ECP’s record was kept and all the material was burnt.

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