Unity govt’s failure will mean everybody’s failure: Abdullah


Dr Abdullah Abdullah who will have a role of chief executive in national unity government has warned that the failure of the unity government will turn into a failure for everybody.

Dr Abdullah was speaking for the first time following the signing of a power-sharing deal with his rival Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with CNN, Abdullah said the unity government was based on “the need of the country” and is “in the best interest of the country.” He said, “It is a national unity government by all sense of it. It is a partnership between two teams.”

Dr Abdullah insisted, “There was no better alternative than the formation of [a] national unity government.”

He said, “This will urge both sides to work together with the spirit of partnership and successes for everybody and for the people of Afghanistan. God forbidding, failure will turn into a failure for everybody.”


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