ECP material destroyed in Lahore school fire

  • Commission’s spokesman claims records did not relate to 2013 elections


Records and other Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) material were burnt when a major fire erupted in the basement of Lahore’s Central Model School at Rattigan Road on Monday.

The ECP has however clarified that any material of vital importance was not stored in the government school. “The material related to general elections was not affected,” ECP Deputy Director Abdul Hameed asserted Monday, adding, “The material stored in the basement was for the upcoming by-elections and local bodies elections and was not used.”

The deputy director further said that it was routine to store election material in government schools and permission was sought from the Punjab government in this regard. “The commission had been using the basement for storage purposes temporarily.”

Hameed stated that the commission was estimating the losses caused to their material by the fire and would enquire into the incident.

Rescue 1122 and the fire brigade managed to extinguish fire after evacuating the school.