Wife beater’s family claims robbers killed woman


*Kanwal’s mother says Tanveer used to regularly torture her for not being able to arrange Rs 1m for his business

The family of a 23-year-old woman found dead in Muhallah Araiyan Chuhng on Thursday claims that she was murdered by her husband for not being able to arrange money for his business from her family, while the in-laws claim that she was killed by robbers during a robbery attempt.

Kanwal had married Tanveer five months ago but soon after the marriage the man allegedly began pressing her to ask her parents to arrange at least Rs 1 million for his business.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Kanwal’s mother alleged that her son in-law used to beat her daughter every second day for being unable to arrange the money.

“We are poor people and are barely able to meet our needs so it was not possible for us to arrange for such a big sum for Tanveer,” the woman said, adding that Kanwal used to regularly plead with them to save her from the violence “but the helpless girl was killed before we could rescue her from the husband”.

Muhammad Shahid, a resident of the area where the couple lived, said that they had often heard Kanwal’s screams coming from the house.

“It’s true that Tanveer used to beat up Kanwal but neither I nor any other local could intervene in their personal matter. We don’t know the reason why the couple used to fight but it must have been something very serious that has resulted in this extreme act,” he said.

A police investigating officer said that nothing could be said about the incident at the moment as investigations were underway.

“Tanveer and his family are claiming that Kanwal was killed by robbers while her mother is claiming that she had been murdered by her husband so we are looking at all angles to determine the real cause of her death,” said the police officer.

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