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PM Sharif threatens to clear protesters camped in Islamabad


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, weakened by weeks of demonstrations calling for him to resign, threatened on Wednesday to clear a protest camp established more than a month ago outside government offices in Islamabad.

Protesters led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan, a former cricket star, and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Tahir ul-Qadri, a firebrand cleric, have been locked in a bitter stand-off with the government since mid-August, refusing to leave their camp until Sharif steps down.

The protest leaders accuse Sharif of rigging last year’s election which brought him back to power in a landslide.

“Up until now, we have tolerated all this and acted with decency and patience,” Sharif said in televised remarks.

“Otherwise it’s no hard task for us to clear the way and clear the streets.”

Pakistan’s opposition leaders ordered thousands of their supporters this weekend to resist any government attempt to quash their protests, prolonging a political crisis in the coup-prone country.

Khan’s party said it had not backed down from its demand that Sharif quit and was ending dialogue with the government after 100 activists were jailed over the weekend.

“We have not withdrawn our demand for the resignation of the prime minister,” said Jehangir Tareen, the party’s secretary general. “There is no point in continuing the dialogue with the government after the crackdown on our workers.”

The confrontation turned violent last month, with thousands trying to storm Sharif’s house and briefly taking the state television channel off the air.

Violence in the usually quiet capital has alarmed many people in a nation where power has often changed hands though military coups rather than elections.

Some ruling party officials have accused the military of instigating the unrest in order to destabilize Sharif so that it can exert more influence over him. The army has denied it was meddling in civilian affairs, saying it is neutral.

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  2. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Well Mr.PM you are always doing the talk but never walking the walk. The country needs decisive leadership.

  3. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Go Nawas Go, Bass Karoo Bass Karoo we pakistanis are fedup with these foreign oriented Bandits! Struggle continue until full elimination of these zionist Bandits from the territory of Ir Pakistan, Criminal germs transmitted by birth Nawaz can't control his hummeur he was the instigator of the military coup in Oct 12th 1999 when COAS Parvez MUSHARAF was in Srilanka official visit military oriented trip PBS started from then till now! for the betterment of Pakistan this man must be eliminated from the Pakistani Territory! once and for all

  4. Khalid Rahim said:

    He should prepare himself for the UN General Assembly Moot. Ensure all his notes are correctly numbered and practice to pronounce correctly at the forum. If Nawaz Sharif was wise he would seek audience with his Saudi Mentor and establish his roots in that Kingdom.

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