Video showing passengers expelling Rehman Malik, MNA from PIA flight goes viral



The shift manager and manager terminal of flight PK- 370 from Karachi to Islamabad have been suspended by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) following the two and a half hours delay caused due to two lawmakers, a private news channel reported.

According to the report, Shift Manager Nadeem Abro and Managaer Terminal Shehzad Ali have been suspended for irresponsibility and delaying arrival of Senator Rehman Malik and MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani in the plane.

The suspension was  ordered by  Prime Minister’s Advisor Shujaat Azeem who was also stated saying that VIP culture would not be tolerated in the government organisations.

Video gone viral
A video clip went viral online early on Tuesday showing Senator Rehman Malik and Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) Member of National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani being barred by airline passengers to board a plane for a flight delay caused due to them.

The video shows passengers complaining that the Islamabad- bound Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight from Karachi has been delayed for two and a half hours to wait for the lawmakers while other passengers waited inside.

” So called VIPs,” says a passenger mockingly.

“My foot VIPs.” “I will grill them, don’t you worry,” says another.

“We have waited for too long. 68 years. Are we going to take it another 68 years,” a passenger is heard saying.

Senator Malik was turned back from the jetway connecting the terminal to the aircraft by the passengers as they called out to him saying, ‘You should go back. You should apologise to these passengers. You should be ashamed of yourself… 250 passengers have suffered because of you.’

“Malik sahab, you are not a minister any more. And even if you are, we don’t care, we don’t care any more.’ called out one passenger while others can be heared shouting at Malik as he rushes back.


Rehman Malik and a PML-N MNA thrown off flight… by PakistantvTV


PML-N MNA expelled from plane

MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Wakwani was also forced out of his seat by the passengers as they chanted ‘shame, shame, shame’.

As the MNA left the plane, the passengers applauded.

Rehman Malik and a PML-N MNA thrown off flight… by PakistantvTV


PIA, Malik clarify positions

A spokesperson of PIA has however claimed that the flight delay was caused due to a technical issue and the passengers had been informed via an SMS. He added that PIA does not promote VIP culture.

As the news of the video clip made rounds, Senator Rehman Malik clarified his position of Twitter.



PTI applauds incident




  1. This is national awakening…because IK & TuQ has opened can of worms & unveiled the abhorrent practices of people in power…Salute you guys from flight # PK 370….CHANGE has come.

  2. PIA has nothing to do with VIP or NO VIP. It is the protocals and Govt. Machinary that press PIA to accord VIP handling.Thats why every, so called highup or VIPs would prefer to travell on PIA. NIETHER ON AIR BLUE or SHAEEN AIR. Caz they don't care. where PIA empolyees cares for simple reason. That they would ask favour from these people.

  3. Its a slap on the face of VIPs that humiliated entire passengers for two and half precious hours. These VIPs don’t know that their Day of Judgement is fast approaching when they will be answerable to the nation as well as Almighty Allah (SAW). This crowd of 200 M is going to be an Organized Nation Insha Allah.

  4. Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi …tabdeeli aa gaee hai.

    Thanks to Allah almighty and than to IK whoes efforts are giving life to this dead paralized nation .feeling proud to be the supporter of IK .long live Pakistan

  5. V all love pakistan but u all of business man. PML N. And PPP
    Ye log to apno ko nahi chor te to hum ko kon ca chore ge GOGOGOGO from pakistan
    Ab hamari Jan chordoooo BUS kardo YAR PLZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Good on them. I've seen quote a few examples of VIP culture in this region and it's time to stand against it, 68 years is well too long!

  7. These old Jageerdar minds of British time and VVIp culture donot fit in 21st Century generation. We must get rid of these monkies. They can not be our leaders. They are manuplaters we have always forced thier way to so called awami parliment and thier own Jumhooriat which only suits them. All political families ruling Pakistan since 1947 to date must be banned to contest election in Pakistan. They do not belong to us, they must be sent to Britain and masters.

  8. If Pakistani elect Imran Khan VIP culture will slowly but shurely disappear. Every one will be treated with respect and no one
    will be looked down. I live in Canada, no matter who you are Airplane will depart on time. (unless weather or mechanical )

    Nawaz Canada

  9. Because of these kind of people, I have leave my country, luckily I live in a country which unfortunately is not Muslim, but treat people as Islam teaches. I respect the people in the plane and I love Pakistan and the people who know wat respect means.


    The Nethelands

  10. Ap sub ko aik naya pakistan ka ye aghaz bahut bahut mubarak ho. Hope and struggle for right will win inshallah. Shamshad khan

  11. What was admirable was the “gentleman” who was spearheading the drive to get Rehman Malik (X-Interior minister) and Ramesh Kumar (MNA) off-boarded (for holding hapless passengers for 2hrs), was assertive but also non-violent and polite (used “please” 8 times and “sorry sir” 6 times). These are the early signs of life of “Pakistan’s latent civic society”. No force was use. No one was slapped. No shoes were thrown. No collars were grabbed. It was the power of human voice and words in the demand of social justice. Such people are the true pillars of any civic society. The country apparently already has enough civil people beyond the minimum threshold (with strong conscience) to do away with the need of military/technocrat intervention moving forward.

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