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Go home and let us live in peace, citizens tell protesters

The on-going sit-ins in federal capital have badly disturbed routine life of residents who are not being able to have proper sleep due to loud music and frequent speeches of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leaders.

Showing grave concern over the political situation, residents living in vicinity of sit-ins, especially students, Tuesday said that the followers of “Naya Pakistan” have disturbed their peaceful life.

“Half of the schools of the capital have not opened yet due to presence of police force in the city and leaders of PAT and PTI are not realizing the difficulties being faced by natives,” said Ahad Ali, a student of MPhil who lives at Embassy Road.

“After dawn it is not possible for anyone including elders of my family to take proper sleep for last one month due to these sit-ins,” he said.

He said playing loud music during sit-ins was unprecedented as in cultured societies there was always a specific location or open area like parks etc where demonstrators hold rallies to register their demands but no one occupies the most sensitive area putting life of people and residents on stake.

Sharukh Hameed, another students of 10th class said, “I have to appear in board exams this year and it is the most crucial time of my life on which my future will base but thanks to these insensitive people, my school is not reopened yet.”

“My studies are badly disturbed and I fail to understand what kind of protests are these which are merely promoting vulgarity especially the sit-in of PTI which is better to be called a concert show or recreational activity rather than a protest on any serious national issue,” he further said.

Afzal Tariq a government employee said that these protesters were not serious in their attitude as the government had accepted most of their demands but they were constantly creating fuss, showing non-seriousness and raising baseless issue to make all dialogue null and void.

“It’s almost one month that they made residents of capital hostage,” Afzal said, adding that they talk about “Naya Pakistan” but themselves not following whatever they claimed.

“What kind of culture are they promoting in the country? Challenging law and order is not norms of democracy and also no such example can be seen during last 67 years of country’s history,” he further commented.

“We are fed up with this situation and waiting for their departure from the capital so that they can live their lives and leave us to do our work in a normal atmosphere,” he said.

“My suggestion for these protesters is that if they want to bring change in society and want to make it a prosperous country, do their own work with dedication,” he said.

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    Its really unacceptable. It has been more than a month and its more than enough tiem to show the mussels by PTI.

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