Shahbaz ’won’t sleep ‘till complete rehabilitation of affectees


People of Punjab are facing numerous problems due to floods but some political leaders are making merry in Islamabad, said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while addressing the flood victims at Fazal Shah embankment on Sunday.

Shahbaz said that the Punjab government would continue to serve the affected people and would not sit idle till their complete rehabilitation.

He also invited the protesting political parties to come forward and help the flood-stricken people.

He appreciated performance of the Pakistan Army, Rescue 1122, police and other departments.

Earlier, the local administration briefed the chief minister about the measures taken to offer maximum relief to flood affected people.


Meanwhile, helicopter of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif distributed 13,500 kilogram food hampers among flood victims through nine flights in flood-hit areas. Food hampers were provided to the victims in Head Muhammadwala and other adjacent villages of South Punjab through the helicopter. The helicopter took part in relief activities for six hours.


  1. If he did things right in the first place wouldn’t had this much mess to start with also if it wasn’t for the merry ppl in Islamabad shabaaz probably be in Dubai sunbathing bachara chor shabaaz.

  2. How can he sleep having been declared guilty ordering a massacre in Model Town. Time is approaching fast when he is lead to slumber in Adiala Jail

  3. Distributing 13500 kg food grains is not sufficient of "khassas" against massacre dozens of innocent humans being in Model town and at Islamabad , if you have conscious you will never ever sleep.

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