Khan booked for breaking free arrested PTI workers


*Case registered against PTI chief for forcing policemen to release arrested PTI workers

A case was lodged against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan at Islamabad’s Bani Gala Police Station “for intimidating and obstructing public servants from performing their official duties” after the party chief forcibly got released arrested PTI workers from a police van on Sunday night.

Confirming the registration of the case, Islamabad Police spokesperson Naeem Ahmed said that the party activists had been arrested for violating Section 144 – pertaining to unlawful assembly. He added that arrests over violation of Section 144, which is currently imposed in Islamabad, would continue.

Early on Monday, 1,500 policemen laid siege to Khan’s Bani Gala residence on orders of Islamabad Police Inspector General Tahir Alam.

Later, the policemen were called off on the orders of the Interior Ministry.

On Sunday night, Khan had his car overtake, block the passage of, and stop a police prisoner van outside Lake View Park after which he, along with his supporters, coerced the police into setting free at least 15 arrested PTI workers.

Khan reportedly took the workers to his residence and later shifted them to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House.

A PTI spokesperson said that police had “unlawfully” and “without any reason” arrested 15 party workers who were being taken to Bani Gala Police Station when they saw Khan and screamed for help, following which Khan got them released.


  1. Inspectot General should be given a gold medal for stupidity! He wanted to prove his efficiency to his masters . With such people on the top no wonder the country is going to dogs. How many policemen will be there when Imran goes to the court.? Imran is a national asset.

  2. Imran-ul-Qadri is proving his stupidity and soon will be jailed, the way his Dady Musharraf threw him behind the bars:

    After failure of his CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and Attacking PTV Headquarter and Parliament Building by his goons, his idiot mureeds have started writing slogans on Currency notes.

    The rules of State Bank of Pakistan are mentioned at:

    "The values of currency notes are not payable under the Note Refund Regulations if:
    • Carrying any message of a political character.
    • Portrait of Quaid-e-Azam is desecrated."

    Followers of Imran-ul-Qadri will be responsible for their own loss, apart from being jailed!

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