PTI sends defamation notice to Khawaja Saad


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday served a defamation notice to Federal Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique for using unparliamentarily language against PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

In its defamation notice, PTI demanded that Khawaja Saad tenders an apology or face legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, speaking to journalists, Khawaja Saad said that people were drowning in floodwater, but PTI was holding celebrations.

He said that PTI was holding celebrations for its success.

“Do peaceful protests attack Pakistan Television (PTV),” he questioned?


  1. Saad is a regular & professional loose talker like a 'bhatyaran',who uses 'tharra language' when facing media. Perhaps his education is questionable and is like Showbaz, Kh Asif,Sanaullah,Rana Mashud,Pervez Rashid. He knows not about pun.He deserves to learn a decent lesson how to respond allegations. Imran Khan challenges Nawaz Sharif on many fronts,both political and personal He says that Nawaz pays 15 lacs IT in Pakistan while he pays 200 crores in UK. His son possesses 800 crores property in England. If incorrect then disclose correct figures and source of income Instead of abuse PMLN 'qawwal' must reply with proof and prove if IK is wrong.

  2. Anwaar Bugvi you are absolutely right. The so called cabinet members of thePML(n) will never be able to counter IK's challenges. It has been a blessing in disguise, that Saad Rafiq who once wanted to join PTI, could not do so. As the saying goes," Birds of feather flock together." Saad Rafiq fits into the rest of the group so well.

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