India responsible for floods in Pakistan: JuD


For recent heavy floods in the country, Jamaat-ud-Dawah Amir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, has held India responsible and said that the neighbouring country, under a conspiracy, released too much water into Pakistani rivers without adequate precautionary warnings.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Saturday, Hafiz Saeed severely criticised India for violating the Indus Water Treaty and constructing world’s third largest Baglihar Dam on the Indus River.

“Monsoon seasons are natural but recent floods in last few years in Pakistan were result of a conspiracy by the hostile neighbouring nation. India is releasing sudden water in huge quantity under a conspiracy to destabilise Pakistani economy,” he remarked.

He also criticised the past and current governments for remaining silent over this serious national issue and urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to raise the issue in the United Nations and other international forums through diplomats.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said India had constructed over 4,000 dams since 1980 but unfortunately Pakistan could not construct more than two dams in these three decades.

While criticising the priorities of Punjab government, he said metro buses, motorways, and buildings would not be worthy until water dispute with India is resolved.


  1. Hafeezbhai when are you going to get up and help those suffering from the floods in Pakistan instead of wriggling your bum about India sending all that rain water into Pakistan.
    The likes of you my friend remember this you are doing a terrible damage to the plight of these suffering people because your image abroad is that of a terrorist and no donors would come forward as soon as they see your face or hear your voice.
    Khuda ke liye why don't your masters shut you up for a few months so that we can do something to bring Aid to Pakistan.
    Regards and God bless
    Viren naik

  2. Yes My Brother no doubt hindoustan opend water dam vans to help Nawaz's political trouble it was Modi's help to save Nawaz to be Burned to Death but any how Nawaz is no more Go nawaz GO

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