White Lies


It turns out that the new chairman at Sui Northern, a big and prestigious post, has been cause for divisions at board meetings. It seems he’s been trying to create a new position, DG Sports. Now you wouldn’t expect a senior ex-bureaucrat to hackle over such issues, but word has it that political canvassing has reached the highest offices of the ruling party. And while the issue is still pending – the top guns have had much on their plate of late – the argument reeks of one that revolves more around people than issues. And since the grapevine speaks of the proposed candidate having served a stint in the Lahore cricketing establishment, with patronage from a very high office in the sport, could it be that political influences are making their way into public limited companies again?

The floods find the CM looking the same every time. The front-page snapshot, half drowned in water, either calling someone to account or distributing a packet here and there among the needy. You’d think he’s grown fond of the annual ritual. Why else would he make sure it is repeated? Surely it’s not just to show off his Wellington boots. Maybe he’s just not heard the chatter his pictures are invoking on social media; it involves the age-old Punjabi proverb that involves an animal not known for its smarts.


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