‘Unprecedented’ rains caused loss


Punjab govt spokesman says govt was prepared for rains but the rainfall was more severe than predicted

Says govt preparedness has reduced losses incurred

The Punjab Government had commenced preparations to combat heavy rains and flash floods two months back but the intensity of the recent rains was unprecedented, which led to massive destruction despite the government’s preparedness, said Colonel (r) Shuja Khanzada while addressing a press conference Tuesday at the Civil Secretariat.

Punjab Government Spokesman Zaeem Qadri and Provincial Food Minister Bilal Yaseen were also present.

Khanzada said that the main reason for widespread destruction was that the heavy rains were “unprecedented”, adding that though the Meteorological Department had predicted rains, their intensity was much more than expected.

He said that the Punjab government had received an alert for heavy rains but the rains were 100 percent more than expectations.

“Yet the government’s preparedness managed to curb the intensity of losses,” opined Khanzada, adding that though calamity is much more severe than the floods caused in 1972, the losses caused are relatively lower due to Punjab’s government’s management.

He said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had constituted sub-committees for assessment of loss in flood-hit areas and cash would be distributed among the flood-stricken people.

Shuja said that more than 22,000 people have been evacuated from the flooded areas as rescue operations by the Army, police, Rescue 1122 and other organisations are underway while helicopters of the PM and Punjab CM were also being used for relief activities.

He said that almost 1,400 villages had been affected by floods and 722 relief camps were established while 89 mobile dispensaries were providing health facilities to 13,000 people.

“400, 000 animals were also rescued and 50,000 were given medical treatment while 1400,000 were vaccinated,” he added.

“Almost 200,000 acres of crops were damaged and about 1,100 houses were affected partially while 352 have collapsed completely,” said Khanzada, adding that CM will constitute a committee to evolve a strategy to meet disasters in the future.


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