Meera to say ‘yes’ to Imran Khan if he proposes: report | Pakistan Today

Meera to say ‘yes’ to Imran Khan if he proposes: report


Lollywood actress Meera has yet again made it to headlines with expressing an interest in marrying former cricketer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan.

In a news report by a local TV channel, Meera praises the politician for his good looks.

“ If he ever asks me to marry me, I would definitely say yes,” she said while talking to the news channel reporter at a fashion event in Dubai.

The actress added that she would love to see Khan as the prime minister in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Meera also suggested the PTI chief to get his wedding attire designed from designer Riaz Ganji, for whom she was modeling at the fashion show.
The politician had recently made a light-hearted statement during his speech to PTI supporters that he wants to create ‘Naya Pakistan’ as soon as possible so that he could get married.

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  1. ImranulQadri said:

    Both Meera and Imran Khan have so many similarities:

    1. Both of them have a checkered record of scandals (Meera with Atiq & Imran with Sita White).

    2. Both of them had divorce in the past (Meera from Capt Naveed & Imran from Jemima).

    3. Both of them contested the May 2013 elections from Lahore.

    4. Both of them cried foul over their defeat in the elections (Meera's dialogue that "elections were not affair and that she demands re-accountig of votes is available on YouTube).

    5. Both of them can go to any extent to stay in the news!

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