Hate attacks against Muslims after beheadings of US journalists


Since the beheadings of two American journalists by the Islamic State (IS), Muslims living in Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn have been threatened by extremist hate groups, New York’s media reported the other day.

On Wednesday two advocates of Arab civil rights were attacked by a man who shouted anti-Arab epithets and threatened to behead one of them, reports say.

A women interviewed on TV said some miscreants carrying Israeli flags attacked grocery stores belonging to Arabs and threatened them.

On Thursday the New York police charged Brian Boshell with menacing and aggravated harassment as a hate crime and criminal possession of weapon, the New York Daily News reported.

Linda Sarsour, 34, the director of the Arab-American Association of New York, said that Boshell threatened her and threw a trash can at her and her deputy.

“My deputy director and I were harassed and assaulted by a bigoted drunk who hurled hateful Islamophobic and anti-Arab epithets at us on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, (Brooklyn) “Sarsour posted on Facebook.” He said, ‘you are cutting people’s heads off [you prostitute.] I’m going to cut off your head and see how your people will feel, you Arab bitch’ and plenty more after that.”

She said that the police were initially slow to respond but later the “top brass” with the New York City Police Department “stepped up” and the suspect was apprehended, reports say.


  1. So, let me get this right when People are murdered in the name of religion:
    Fort Hood/ 9/11, 7/7/Madrid/ ISIS in Iraq/Pte Rigby in London those are not racist attacks, when 1400 white girls in one British town alone are raped by Pakistani men that isn't racism. When Jews are attacked on the streets of Europe by the left and Muslims that isn't racism. when an 85 year old white woman is beheaded in London by a Black Nigerian Muslim that isn't racism

    But when somebody shouts at a Muslim that is a Racist Hate attack.

    I'm sorry, but the followers of the peaceful faith are anything but. Lets be honest about this who are really carrying out racists attacks and then report it as news.

    Islam is a faith and not a race. Therefore anybody who speaks out agaisnt Islam cannot be a racist.

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