A drive to drive you nuts!


Schools administrations refuse to provide transport facility for security concerns as institution reopen

Schools running under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) were reopened after extending summer vacations five times on Wednesday but the administration has refused to start transport facility for students.

Parents who are already found it difficult to reach offices at time due to strict security checking in the city considered it an extra burden to give pick and drop service to their children.

Asghar Zahid, a government employee, in an annoying tone said, “It’s very difficult to drop children in the morning when the traffic is bumper to bumper especially after reopening of schools and to reach office in time.”

It can be managed somehow, he said adding, but it is quite impossible to take one to two hours leave from office for picking them in after noon.

“These sit-ins in capital have destroyed the routine life of residents and we are fed up with this situation,” he further said.

Latif Shah, another father of four children said, Rickshaws are not allowed in capital and cab driver already charge very high rates taking the excuse of running their transport on petrol.

Adding fuel to injury the current rain spell has given a golden change to these taxi drivers who ask for exorbitant fares even for a distance of two to three kilometers only.

Asma Sheikh, a bank employee who came to pick her children from school said, “It is not safe to leave our children in schools after off time so I took short leave and have to follow this routine till end of current protests in federal capital”.

She further added, “As a mother I am also concerned about the small children in these sit-ins protests who are bearing harsh weather conditions without understanding meanings of `Azadi and Inqalab'”.