Majority does not back ‘Go Nawaz go’: surevy


Seventy-two percent of Pakistanis believe that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan should wait for the judicial commission’s report rather than insisting on his demands for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.

In a recent public opinion poll by Gallup Pakistan titled Political crisis and sit-in in Islamabad, 82 percent of the respondents said that PM Sharif did a good thing by requesting the Supreme Court to investigate the allegations of rigging in general election 2013, while 17 percent opposed the PM’s decision. When questioned about the resignation of PM Sharif, 66 percent said he should not resign and 61 percent said they believed that the parliament should not be dissolved.

The opinion was split on accusations of rigging as 51 percent believed that there was no rigging in the election against the 49 percent.

About 67 percent of the respondents dismissed the belief that PTI’s mandate was stolen in general election.

When asked what they considered to be Khan’s primary aim for holding the long march, 63 percent believed that his primary aim is to become PM, 22 percent believed that he wanted elimination of bribery and corruption from the country, while 14 percent said his main aim is electoral reforms.

On Khan’s call for civil disobedience, 63 percent of public said they disagreed with it while 81 percent said they will continue paying their electricity and gas bills and taxes and 18 percent said they would not pay the bills and taxes.

On any improvement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government after PTI assumed power, 48 percent said there had been no improvement at all, 33 percent said there was somewhat improvement while 18 percent said that there had been a lot of improvement.

When public was asked how trustworthy they think Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Tahirul Qadri is, 62 percent termed him untrustworthy while 38 percent regarded him trustworthy.

About 76 percent said Qadri should be jailed if it is proven that he asked his members to attack the police before any kind of action from the police’s side.

About 69 percent said they believed that the army is not behind the protesting parties.



  1. Bogus survey…doesn’t represent the reality on ground…equal number of respondents from each province should be better representation….

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