Ufone empowers CDA with 3G Activity Management System


Ufone, with its mission of penetrating technology in Pakistan and empowering institutions through their 3G technology base has recently launched a 3G based activity management system for Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The project will allow CDA management to keep track of the activities of its employees on ground, supplemented by location and pictures of the employees. With the help of the management system, the authority will be able to assign tasks to its employees, monitor the work in progress and view a time stamped feed of the activities.



  1. I like this thought, it is a very usefull idea. Having the students do this activity the first day or week of class introduces a great opportunity to bring structure to the classroom and to bring unity with the students and have them get to know each other better. The other ways to use this activity is very helpful also. This is a very helpful artilcle.

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